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Meiri Shurui

Expanding from Sake to Sanitizer

Expanding from a local brewing company to a comprehensive alcohol company in supporting of a changing world. Meiri Shurui, a long-established company in Ibaraki Prefecture, decided to enter the public health business with a social mission.

Helping everyone stay safe

To establish its place in the disinfectant market, Meiri needed to distingush itself from its competitors. As a latecomer to the space, a design that would embody their post-COVID strategy was required.


Meiri will apply its 160 years of history and experience in the alcohol industry to create new businesses that will become the infrastructure of society.

New role in this pandemic

When disinfectant products disappeared off store shelves in the spring of 2020, Meiri began developing a disinfectant solution to alleviate the shortage.

Company origins

Meiri Shurui was founded with the philosophy to brighten and enrich people's lives and contribute to local communities through the provision of alcohol products. The MEIRI brand was born out of that mission.

Making good hygiene more accessible

Developed as a quasi-drug, yet affordable. The bottle's universal design blends in with various aspects of daily life and represents the company's philosophy that supports people's interaction with each other.



Total amount of sanitizing alcohol donated to municipalities, elementary schools, and junior high schools during the disinfectant shortages


Number of municipalities that have listed Meiri as the primary disinfectant supplier in their new disaster prevention agreements during the first three months of the product's launch

Our Role


  • Primary Research
  • Customer Insights
  • Workshops
  • Go-to-Market Strategy


  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Tone of Voice


  • New Business Development Support

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