Panasonic Connect


Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd.

Developing a purpose for the launch of a new company

Panasonic Connect began operating in April 2022, following the Panasonic Group's transition to a holding company structure. We were tasked to develop a unified company purpose and overarching branding policy that would resonate with all stakeholders - customers, business partners, employees, and local communities.

Uniting global companies with diverse business domains

Panasonic Connect is a company with a wide range of businesses, including supply chain, public services, lifestyle infrastructure, and entertainment. We have developed a purpose to unite the aspirations of domestic and international stakeholders.

VI development that embodies the company's vision

The VI conveys the values and aspirations of Panasonic Connect - to be a company that contributes to society by connecting people, products, and technology. The linked CO design visually illustrates the company's intention of developing its business "together", and "connected" with consumers and society.

*Corporate identity defined in video to the right.

Branding : Purpose Video

This video illustrates the future that Panasonic Connect envisions. The fusion of people, AI, and technology bringing innovation to fulfill people's wishes lie at the heart of the company purpose.


A series of videos featuring "people" working on the frontlines of Panasonic Connect's services along with examples of the innovations to their frontline process.


Percentage of people advocating the company purpose and purpose video

17 million+

Number of views on the "Let's Make it Come True" purpose video on YouTube

Our Role


  • Primary Research
  • Business & Market Intelligence
  • Communication Planning


  • Brand Positioning & Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Logo Design
  • Messaging & Content Strategy

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