Purpose of Woven City


Woven Planet Holdings

Creating the Purpose of Woven City based on why it exists

Woven City was announced in January 2020. I&CO built the purpose, vision and mission that united the aspirations of various stakeholders. The organization's raison d'etre and vision were written out in Japanese and English.

The Process of Purpose Development

Interviews with each product owner, including the management team, were the base of this exercise. By interviewing various stakeholders, the elements were solidified in addition to the initiatives and cultures the Woven City team had built.

Communicating the Purpose of Woven City within the internal organization

In order to make it easier to understand the roles of purpose (reason of being), vision (north star) and mission (how to get there), it has been illustrated and visualized, to be promoted at different opportunities within the company.

Website Redesign

We redesigned the website based on the new Purpose, Vision and Mission. The new design enables a simple and easy way to understand what Woven City is and what it stands for.

Our Role


  • Primary Research
  • Customer Insights
  • Business & Market Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Digital Product

  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Technical Architecture & Planning


  • Brand Positioning & Architecture
  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Messaging & Content Strategy
  • Concept Development

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