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Crafting an interactive storytelling experience that promotes sustainability education for children

How can sustainable development goals become a relatable topic for children in Japan? I&CO approached this challenge with ChooStory - an interactive digital storytelling experience - and workshop opportunities so that children can learn through experience.

Bridging children and SDGs

Fewer youths believe they have influence over environmental, national, and social changes in Japan compared to other countries. Focusing on children in Japan as the target audience, I&CO’s project aimed to create enjoyable opportunities to connect children with SDGs and cultivate a sense of belief in themselves that they can drive change to pave their futures.

Practical Future

ChooStory, an interactive storytelling experience with multiple endings that change based on the reader's decisions.

Multiple endings that allow children to pause and think

There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, but rather a mechanism for children to think about the correlation between their choices and how their stories unfold.

Not only fun, but also educational

Storytelling and drawings with a combination of interactive gameplay. Readers can earn medals according to their decisions throughout the narrative, allowing readers to enjoy learning about SDGs rather than mere memorization.

Materials for practical application

I&CO provides free web-based materials on the ChooStory website to expand use cases:

Workshop materials for use at home or school

Guidance materials for teachers to use in class


Percentage of children who answer that ChooStory has changed their outlook on SDGs


Percentage of parents who answer that ChooStory provides an opportunity to talk about SDGs with their children

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